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Quick and Quality Commercial Painting in Miami, Florida

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Preparing for Commercial Painting

Whether it’s for a fresh new look or simply to update your area, commercial painting can be intimidating. A little prep work beforehand can help the process go smoother for both you and your painters. 

Get Organized

When a professional painting team comes to consult with you, the more informed and ready you are, the better your experience will be. Try to know what work needs to be done and in what areas as well as what you like or don’t like about the current paint job. This will help your painter be able to formulate a plan of action with you and produce an accurate estimate of how much it will cost.

Prep Your Work Space

Making sure that your area to be painted is ready for work when the painters arrive will help the work go faster and will ensure that nothing becomes damaged. Outdoor preparations might include trimming landscaping, power washing, checking outdoor electrical work and removing clutter from the area. Preparation for indoor painting might include removing small and fragile items and furniture and ensuring that the windows can be opened. 

Inform Your Employees

It is courteous to warn those who will be impacted by painting beforehand. If interior work is being done, let your employees know ahead of time so that they can adequately be prepared and potentially complete or reschedule any tasks or assignments. If exterior painting is being completed, giving your neighbors a heads up will help them to be aware and prepared for the extra people, equipment and caution exercised during the painting process.  

Let Us Be Your Painters

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