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Painting Your Home to Sell: Is It Worth the Time?

Woman Painting Home Interior
Should you paint your property before you sell it? It may not seem worth the time and effort. After all, the new owner may just repaint it anyway. However, you should consider the following things. 
New Paint Hides Imperfections at a Low Cost
Over time, your paint will get scuffed and stained. There may even be holes in the wall where paintings and posters were once hanging. These things aren't easy to see unless you're looking for them, but they contribute to an overall feeling of wear and tear.
A bright new paint job is going to hide all of these issues at a low cost. It's going to make the property feel bright and new, even subconsciously, as there won't be any noticeable appearance of wear.
  It only costs a few hundred dollars to paint most rooms, even professionally. This is nothing when you consider that you are likely to make more money on the property or sell it faster by improving its appearance.
Paint Styles Change Quickly
Today, monochrome colors in black, white, and gray are very trendy. Just a decade ago, warmer colors were sought after. Paint styles change quickly, but it isn't just an issue of making your property trendy; it's an issue of making your property not feel outdated.
This is especially important if you're selling a property that is a bit older. If your property is on the older side, buyers are going to see dated paint as another element that they're going to have to update. It will be a reminder that the property may have other issues lurking beneath the surface.
Paint Can Influence Mood
Bright, airy, modern colors can improve moods, energizing those who come to view your property and making them feel more comfortable inside it. There may be colors that you don't particularly like yourself (such as a bright, contemporary yellow) that would nevertheless make your room pop. Your home staging service can tell you more about the colors that will make your rooms look better. 
Pain can also make small rooms look larger and larger rooms look cozier. Once you're aware of the psychology of paint, you can use it to improve on the architecture of the space. You may even regret not having done it before!
Paint Improves Your Pictures
Your pictures are the most important part of your real estate listing. Your pictures are what will get buyers in the door; after the buyers are in the door, it's all up to your agent.
New, modern colors are going to make your home look better in photographs. You can pair these with expert staging to make your home look like a modern home. A new coat of paint will also make it easier to accessorize with staging.
Paint Lets Your Buyers Envision Themselves in the Property
If your home is already dressed in eclectic paint colors or wallpaper, painting is even more essential. Painting a home in neutral colors makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves and their family in the home.
If the home is decked out in colors that buyers don't like, they may find the colors very hard to look past. As the homeowner, you know your home has a lot more to offer than paint color. With buyers, you have a very limited first impression to make. 
Paint Helps You With the Competition
If you're in a competitive market, paint may actually be the deal breaker between your listing and another one. You don't want to give a buyer an excuse to go with another home. If your home has a fresh coat of paint and another doesn't, buyers may just want to avoid the hassle of having to paint on their own.
Are you ready to start painting? Call the professionals to get a quote. American Best Painting Inc. can schedule you an appointment today.