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Painting Your Ceilings? These Tips Can Help

Painting a ceiling isn't quite like painting other parts of the home. Painters use special paint and different tools to make the project easier. Knowing what this project entails can help you prepare, so you'll be able to paint a beautiful ceiling that adds value to your home.  

Use Ceiling Paint

For a project like this, ceiling paint is your greatest asset. Ceiling paint is flat so that that light won't reflect off of its surface. This helps hide imperfections in the ceiling, so the finished job looks better overall. Ceiling paint is also slow-drying and splatter resistant, so it's easy to blend and makes less of a mess during application.

Ceiling paint offers superior coverage and sticks well to a ceiling. This helps minimize the number of coats that must be applied to finish the job. Failure to use ceiling paint won't destroy the project, but it will make painting your ceiling more difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. 

Take Special Precautions with Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings can contain asbestos. If you have a home with popcorn ceilings, have an expert test your ceilings for asbestos. If asbestos is detected, leave the painting job to an expert. 

Prep the Space

As with other paint projects, preparation is essential. If possible, remove all furniture from the room. If you can't remove all furniture, cover everything with tarps. Cover the floor as well as the furniture.

Fill in all ceiling holes with spackling paste, and apply tape to the walls where the walls and ceiling meet. Finally, use a damp rag to wipe down any dusty or dirty parts of the ceiling. Remove all spider webs.  

Pick the Right Color

White paint is the standard for many homes. However, painting your ceiling with a brighter, bolder color can have a positive impact on the appearance of the room. The trick to painting your ceiling a color other than white is to choose the right color for the space. 

When selecting a paint color, remember light colors can make the room look taller and roomier than it really is. Darker colors are said to lower the ceiling so that the room is more cozy and intimate. Homeowners who pick a dark color for their ceilings should be careful not to do this in rooms that lack natural lighting. Always paint samples on the ceiling before making a final color selection. 

If you're planning to sell your home soon, stick to neutrals. Bold, dark colors can be off-putting to buyers.

Select the Right Tools

A long-handled pole is helpful for painting a ceiling, but many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a pole that is longer than necessary. The longer a pole is, the heavier it will be. Choose a pole that is just long enough to do the job, to prevent your arm and shoulder from getting tired.

If your ceiling is textured, a roller with a long nap will be necessary to fill in all the spaces. Like other paint jobs, you'll need an angled paintbrush for cutting in and a flat paintbrush for filling in any little gaps. 

Finally, don't forget to wear a baseball cap. Ceiling paint may be splatter-resistant, but no ceiling paint is completely splatter proof. Wearing a baseball cap protects your hair from the little bits of flying paint that will inevitably cover your head by the end of the project.

Contact a Professional Painter for More Information

If you have more questions about how to paint a ceiling, contact a painting expert for more information. At American Best Painting Inc, we're happy to answer homeowner questions about ceiling painting and other home painting projects. Call us today for more information.