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Dining Room Painting: Tips for an Engaging Eating Space

colorful dining room
You can redesigning your dining room to make the space more inviting with a simple coat of paint. If you want to stray away from classic neutrals to make your dining area more unique, use this guide to assist you. Your painter will help you select the best dining room colors based on your personal desires and your dining room's current design and features.
Don't Match Your Kitchen's Color
Unless you have a very small dining space that is directly connected or actually inside your kitchen, you don't have to match your dining room's wall with the color of your kitchen space. Choosing a color that is on a different spectrum of your kitchen's main design helps define your dining area from your cooking area and allows you to experiment with different color combinations.
If you want to blend your dining room with your kitchen, do so subtly. For example, if your kitchen cupboards are blue, paint your dining room in a variation of the same shade. This way, your dining area and your kitchen mesh well without being the same solid color throughout.
Don't Follow Paint Trends
A paint trend will come and go, so choose colors for your dining room based on the type of environment you want to create, not what's currently popular in design magazines. For a classic, elegant dining area, stick to bold colors like rich red, eggplant, goldenrod, or even hunter green. For a more modern and open dining room appeal, opt for lighter hues like ocean blue, buttercream yellow, salmon, or lavender.
To make your dining room exciting and uplifting, choose bold colors for your eating space. Turquoise, spring green, and sherbet orange are bright and warm and give your dining area a welcoming appeal.
Don't Be Afraid of Neutrals
Neutral colors can be pleasant in a dining room. The key is to select warm neutrals that reflect light pleasingly for a cozy effect. Select yellow-toned off-white, tan, or even beige, and complement your neutral color choice with bolder accents in table settings, cloths, and window treatments.
Don't Forget Patterns/Accent Walls
A basic dining room is made refreshing by adding an accent wall in a contrasting hue from the main color. If you're considering wallpaper or texture to add dimension to your dining room's main wall, consider painted patterns. Your painter will select a few contrasting paint colors to create geometric patterns, stripes, or other designs on your dining room wall to give your eating space a unique allure.
Don't Forget the Finish
The sheen of your wall's paint is based on the type of finish you select. A satin sheen is a light-reflective paint finish that makes both bold and lighter colors brighter. A matte finish is flat in its application and is best suited for darker or more dramatic paint colors. An eggshell finish is popular for many paint applications because the finish itself is not matte, but doesn't offer ample reflection either.
Your painter will show you how your paint choice will look under different lighting depending on the paint finish you choose. The brighter the sheen, the easier the wall is to clean. The more flat the paint finish is, the more dramatic your paint choice appears under lighting.
Painting your dining room gives this space a makeover and gives this part of your home personality. The right paint choices will uplift this gathering space.
Our painters at American Best Painting Inc will transform your dining room with even, attractive color. Call us today to discuss your painting needs and what effect you want to accomplish in your dining room.