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Decorating Your Salon? 4 Steps to Finding the Right Color Palette

Salon Interior

Are you ready to start painting and decorating your salon? Today's salons have an almost unlimited choice with décor and palette. But with so many options, this can make choosing the right scheme difficult. How can you find the right combinations and accents? Here is a guide to finding the right match without spending a lot of time doing trial and error.

1. Consider Practicalities

You have a few practical things you will want to think about first. If you lease the space, can you paint with any color or style you wish? Check your contract and have a talk with the owner to make sure you know the rules and limitations before you begin picking out colors. If you are responsible for returning the leased space to its original condition, stay away from dark colors that will be hard to remove.

Other practical considerations exist as well. Where will your supplies go? The placement and decoration of your hampers, chair, storage bins or drawers, and sink can all have an impact on how you paint the spaces behind and around them. Will you add decorative art, calligraphy, or quotes on the walls? You do not want to have unreadable or clashing artistic additions. 

2. Think About the Mood

What sort of salon clientele do you want to attract? How do you want them to feel when they are in your chair or using your services?

Do you want to relax your clients, make them feel at home, and provide a tranquil atmosphere they will enjoy? Calming blues, earthy greens, or even refreshing whites may be the best choice.

Do you want a more young and fun-loving crowd who appreciate bold statements and individuality? Then you may want to use a modern palette with a neutral white and two bright pops of color. 

If you share a salon space with other professionals, you may want to consider the mood they project. To avoid unnecessary clashing styles, you may also work with similar client bases.

3. Use Colors Appropriately

Many spas like to use soft, neutral, or earthy colors. But you also do not want to lure everyone to sleep while you do their hair or nails.

Bolder colors can inspire clients to make bolder moves, such as coloring their hair or taking the plunge to a new short style. But they can also be too harsh or disruptive — either to clients or to your own concentration. You will need to find a compromise between inspiring and energizing your customers and creating a working environment you will enjoy.

Color theory can be helpful when choosing appropriate combinations. Take some time to learn how to pair colors using opposing color, complementary color, or tertiary color combinations on the color wheel. Doing so will slim down your choices and help you to find things that work well together.

4. Use the Palette as Inspiration

Once you settle on a color palette, a mood for your salon or suite, and a clientele you want to aim for, use these markers as the basis for the rest of your decor. A bright accent wall behind the mirror, for instance, could become the accent color for the chair's upholstery, towels, appliance handles, or shelving. 

If you are ready to start creating a great new space for you and your clients, begin with a consultation with the commercial painting experts at American Best Painting Inc. today. We have helped South Florida businesses find the right colors and palette for more than 20 years. We can help you too. We are happy to answer all the questions you have.