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4 Wall Textures to Consider for Your Home

Your home's walls can be adorned with beautiful paint hues you love, but you can do more to give your walls personality. For example, consider texturing the walls in your home to add dimension and beauty to every room in the house. Texture painting preserves your walls, making them more durable as well.
Wall texturing requires your painter to add a special material to your existing wall surfaces, typically in a design of some sort. Then the walls are painted over for a visual effect that is pleasing to the eye. Texturing is ideal for walls that are plain, or damaged in some way. In addition, wall texturing is a budget-friendly home upgrade.
There are different types of textures your painter can apply to your walls. Consider the following textures for your home and enjoy the benefits of more appealing walls and greater home value.
1. Orange Peel Texture 
The bubbled and rough effect of the orange peel texture design is very eye-catching. In addition, another benefit of this texture is something every homeowner can enjoy: easy cleanup. Many people choose this type of texturing for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room areas because the finish is appealing and very easy to maintain.
The durability of this textured finish makes orange peel a popular choice for homeowners wanting to give their flat walls (and ceilings) a simple update. Speak to your painting expert to see if popcorn peel will work well in your home.
2. Lace Texture
Lace texture is a delicate design your painter paints on your walls with a bristled brush. Ornate patterns are textured into walls for a fluttery, lace-like effect.
Light and charming, the lace texture requires the touch of a professional. This texture is an ideal texturing choice for gathering rooms. Consider lace texture in your living room, dining area, family room, and bedrooms.
3. Skip Trowel Texture
One of the most popular applications is the skip trowel design. Your painter uses a trowel to gently scrape the texturing material over your drywall to create wide and thin areas of texture. The result of this type of technique is a texture that is both subtle and bold, giving your walls a natural stone appeal.
Easy to care for and beautiful in every room, this is a great texturing method to speak to your painter about, especially if you want every room in the house to have the same texture on its walls.
4. Swirl Texture
If you are not a fan of textures that appear to be bumpy (like the orange peel design) or pointed texturing, consider the swirl application. Loops of material are applied to your walls in a flat and delicate manner for an effect that is pleasing but not overbearing.
Since the effects of a swirl texture are light, you can use this technique in bedrooms or in any areas of the home where the walls lackluster. Your painter can use large or small swirl strokes on your walls, depending on your personal preference.
While painters prefer to texture directly on drywall, many can apply the material in varying designs over painted walls or even existing wall texturing. Your painter will examine your walls to see if they need to be whitewashed prior to texturing. Following your painter’s advice will have optimum results.
There are many benefits to texturing your home's walls. Texturing adds elegance to your plain walls and helps the paint stand out positively. Our painters at American Best Painting Inc. are skilled in many painting techniques. Allow us to give your home the texturing upgrade or beautiful paint finish you’ve been dreaming of.