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3 Ways to Modernize Neutral Paint Colors

Living Room with Home Furnitures
Neutral-toned walls are beneficial for many reasons. Neutrals match with nearly any color scheme, which means you don't have to upgrade your wall paint every time you redesign your home's interior.
Common neutrals include basic or off-white, gray, tan, and blue-gray tones. You love your neutral walls, but you also desire color. Here are ways you can incorporate modern paint trends without entirely compromising on your neutral walls.
1. Go Bold With an Accent Wall
An accent wall is a single wall you paint an entirely different (yet complementary) color than your other walls. Neutral walls create a prime canvas for adding an accent wall because nearly any color blends with a neutral tone. Here are accent hues to consider:
  • Raspberry red
  • Turquoise
  • Royal purple
  • Pumpkin orange
  • Salmon
  • Olive green
  • Goldenrod
When choosing an accent color for your walls, remember this: you want colors that are rich, bold, and pleasing. If you are hesitant to use bold colors, you can simply choose a richer neutral for an accent color instead — chocolate brown, ocean gray, or slate blue.
2. Add Texture With Patterns
There's no need to replace your existing neutral walls with wallpaper to add texture and patterns — you can place patterns directly to your walls. Your painter can apply patterns, such as chevron, stripes, or even floral designs, using a few methods.
Painter's Tape
If a geometric paint design is what you are after, then your painter will use painter's tape to create even patterns. Patterns include faux-brick blocks, wide stripes, and chevron, which are placed on your walls with the removable tape.
After painting over your walls in a lighter or darker shade of neutral than your current wall's tone, the tape is removed. The result is a subtle paint pattern that adds texture and personality to your neutral walls.
Patterned Rollers
Another way your painter can add patterns and dimension to your walls is by using a patterned roller. A roller with fun patterns, such as polka dots, flowers, birds, or even simple geometric shapes, is dipped into white or another light paint and then swept evenly over your walls. The effect is similar to wallpaper's classic allure — without the hassle.
Your painter will help you choose wall designs that will work best for the color of walls you have (they may need to be slightly altered in color to achieve the design you want), their size, and your budget. You can view samples of wall patterns to help you decide what styles will look best in your home.
3. Create Dimension With Pearl Paint
Flat neutral walls can make your living space feel crowded and square. Adding a pearl clear coat to your current walls makes them reflect light more pleasantly and gives them a soft sheen.
Pearl coat finishes are available in many colors to bring out your neutral tones best. You can consider a pearl coat similar to a wood stain finish: the goal of a pear coat is to make your existing walls more beautiful and functional, not change their natural beauty. Your painter will assist you in selecting a pearl finish that will complement all the walls you wish to transform.
There are many ways you can upgrade your neutral-toned walls with texturing and painting techniques. Your painter will discuss accent wall colors, pearl finishes, and trending paint patterns you can use for your walls.
You don't have to sacrifice your neutral wall colors to achieve beautifully updated home decor. Your painter will work with your existing wall hues to help you upgrade them with a new color. Call us at American Best Painting Inc for all your painting and needs.