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3 Interior Painting Trends You Should Consider for 2018

As the days get longer and you look forward to summertime get-togethers with friends and family, you might be looking for ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. Fortunately, a few cans of paint and a little know-how can make your home look and feel brand new. Here are three interior painting trends you should consider for 2018 and why they will make your space feel spectacular.
1. Bright Colors
Gone are the days of depressing gray tones and muted beige shades. Interior designers explain that 2018 will be the year of a color resurgence in the paint market, with more and more clients requesting exciting reds, deep blues, and even bright goldenrod shades.
In fact, Pantone's much-awaited color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, and paint manufacturers are choosing everything from bright reds to guacamole greens as their go-to shades for the upcoming year. 
Although you might be nervous about adding bright colors to your home, keep in mind that they can be used to add a daring dose of visual interest to small spaces or even single statement walls. For instance, if you love your kitchen but it needs a little flair, painting one of your blank walls with a bright color could give your space some personality.
Bright colors can also be used to highlight existing design choices. For instance, if your home is filled with mid-century modern furniture and period posters, a chartreuse wall could help to tie together your entire d├ęcor scheme, creating a seamless and thoughtful feel.
2. Painted Patterns
While wallpaper experienced its own resurgence a few years back, it isn't always easy to change or remove, which is why people today are opting for simple painted patterns instead of full sheets of printed paper.
By using special gel-sided tape meant to halt bleeding paint, you can create large walls of intricate geometric designs, simply by taping off voided areas and painting over the entire space. In fact, some homeowners are even choosing to paint colorful patterns onto their ceilings, creating a room that is interesting from top to bottom.
Interior designers are even recommending painter's tape and a bucket of your favorite paint hue to create large statement walls, complete with monograms, numbers, or even abstract murals.
Bold stripes or simple crisscross patterns are other simple and popular options, giving homeowners the chance to make a space more interesting without the hassle of traditional wallpaper. If you choose to change your mind in the future, your designs can be painted over easily, without the need for hours of scraping and sanding.
3. Black Trim
Wouldn't it be nice if those new windows you just paid to have installed really stood out? Although traditional interior design standards recommended white paint for all window and interior trim, 2018 is all about making your windows, crown molding, and door casings stand out with a little black paint.
In addition to giving your home a great deal of contrast, black trim is also convenient because it doesn't require the same kind of cleaning white trim does. If a small amount of dust or dirt gathers on baseboards or door frames, it won't show, making your home look a lot cleaner. Additionally, black trim hides physical damage, which is important if your home is older or has non-matching trim pieces.
If you are thinking about painting your trim black, consider working with professionals who can tape off the wood and spray the surfaces evenly. In addition to saving you hours of time, professional painting helps you to avoid the pitfalls of dripping paint, uneven coverage, and forgotten surfaces.
When you are ready to transform your home, let our team here at American Best Painting Inc help.  With years of experience and a focus on the details, our professional painters can help you to create the gorgeous home interiors you have always wanted. To learn more about our business, give us a call.